Practice Areas

Automobile and Trucking Accidents


With our mobile society, comes the reality of vehicular accidents. There are multiple vehicular accidents daily in most large cities--most are just common driving errors.  But when such factors as speed, drug and alcohol impairment, and distracted driving (e.g., cell phones, audio devices, etc.) are mixed in, the results are often tragic. Automobile, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle and trucking accidents all involve significant forces that can lead to serious, if not fatal, injuries.



Physician Malpractice


Physicians, because of their years of training and education, are often given an aura of infallibility. Physicians, however, too often make mistakes. Such errors can include misdiagnosis of emergent health conditions, surgical errors, post-surgical monitoring and evaluation errors, supervision errors, referrals to incompetent or unqualified practitioners and care givers, along with many others.


Dental Malpractice

To the popular media, a sore tooth is a favorite source of jokes and gags. To the person suffering tooth or dental pain, it is agonizing. And if that pain is the product of incompetent dental care, then the frustration is only doubled. Dental errors can include inadequate or incomplete root canals, botched bridge work, careless use of instruments leading to damaged teeth, gum tissue or nerves, muddled dental implants and many others.

Insurance Bad Faith

It is one thing to deal with the insurance company of a person causing you harm, but no one expects their own insurance company to mistreat them. Despite their catchy and often good natured advertising, insurance companies are often cold and impersonal entities to deal with at the time you need them most. Insurance companies can be very cutthroat in the investigation, work-up and adjusting of a claim. Moreover, they are often focused on their own interests in deciding coverage, policy interpretation and property valuation questions. If you feel like you are being mistreated by your insurance company, it may be that you are.

Slip and Fall

From items spilled in grocery stores to cracked or broken steps, there are many causes for people tripping and falling that go beyond mere clumsy or inattentive behavior. Though a more difficult variety of claim to pursue, premises owners do have obligations to maintain their premises in a safe condition and to conduct regular inspections for any hazards that may exist.


Nursing Malpractice


Nursing malpractice can occur in a facility (i.e., hospital, surgical center, nursing home, etc.) or in the home (i.e., in-home care services). Nursing errors can include medication administration errors, failures to follow physician’s orders, failures to timely respond to ‘call buttons’, failures to properly assist weakened and fragile patients leading to falls, and a variety of other mistakes.